Seeking Balance


I really like Gary Keller’s concept of “counter-balance”. He talks about understanding when to stay consistent and focused with all aspects of life and when to go to the extremes and really make a difference in a particular area.

“In life there are three things that need constant counterbalance: family and friends, your body and spirit, and personal needs. When one of these is ignored they can all suffer. Each one requires your attention to a certain degree and none should be sacrificed for work.

When you let go of the idea of balancing – giving everything equal attention and trying to get everything done – that’s when you’ll start seeing success at both work and at home. The trick is setting priorities and letting those take the front seat even if that means putting other things in the backseat, trunk or leaving them on the side of the road.”

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The idea of balance can also be an illusion. Losing balance is often the result of the narrative in our head gone wild. Staying present in the moment is the first step towards seeking daily balance. Mindfully experiencing our lives provides a gauge of where we stand with our family and friends, body, and personal needs.